Let the Novel Begin

            I have left C. I am sorry that it did not turn out as I had hoped, but now the way is open for new things. I am taking a program through Landmark Education called the Self-Expression and Leadership Program (SELP), and I am writing a draft of my first novel.
            When I was in the Greek system in college, I saw a lot of amazing things happen. I gained some incredible experiences and friendships by being in a sorority. I also saw a lot of really negative things happen. In line with my belief that fiction can affect people, I am writing the novel about a sorority girl with the idea that women who read it will be encouraged to think about how they treat each other. I hope to inspire questions: How do I treat my sisters? How can I create change? How can we empower each other? My goal: true sisterhood.
            As a part of this project, I will be conducting interviews over the next couple of weeks to find out how other people experienced Greek life. I will be asking my interviewees to conduct their own interviews, and it is my intention that through communication, we will spread awareness.
            The seminar ends December 6, so that means I have about 3 months to write this novel. Today, character sketches. So far I have a villain, a heroine, and a victim. Tomorrow, plotting. By next week, I will be writing 3-4 pages per day. This concept scares me, but as my seminar leader told me, even if I only write half, that’s half more than I have now!

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