Reading at the Hammer

When a friend invited me to a reading at the Hammer Museum, I expected a function with the sparse décor and hushed tones typical of the venue. So I was surprised to find bass pounding through the Museum courtyard and “Hammer” projected with fuchsia lights across the back wall. I haven’t been to that many readings, but I gather they don’t typically have a turnout of 250+ eager listeners.

            This reading was also the release party for a literary journal, The Rattling Wall. The event featured 11 authors, including my former professor Lou Matthews. The journal is funded by PEN Center USA, and the Emerging Voice who is a member of my LA writers’ group also has his work published in the journal.

            It was quite the shindig. I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. With 11 readers I expected my attention to wane, but each was unique and engaging (some more than others, of course). It’s nice to know the literary community of LA can throw a party.