Typing Challenged

One day I was doing yoga and my wrist started to hurt. I thought if I went easy on the yoga for a while, it would go away, but after two months I finally decided to go to the physical therapist. Turns out I sprained a muscle in my hand, and I have to stay off of it for 1-2 months.

Although the sprain wasn’t necessarily a result of yoga, this means not doing yoga. Which would be hard enough, as yoga is my favorite form of exercise, plus meditation. Apparently all sorts of simple activities I never thought were related have been exacerbating the sprain – things like holding a book up for long periods of time, using a stapler, holding up pots while washing dishes. Pressing the space bar.

I’ve been becoming somewhat ambidextrous. And yes, it has totally been slowing down my writing. The physical therapist also said, though it’s a remote possibility, I may have early (really early)-onset arthritis. So I bought this brace and I’m not pressing the space bar with my right thumb anymore (writing by hand is difficult; chopsticks are a definite no-no). What if I couldn’t write anymore? I’m terrified by this idea.

People keep telling me about these phone apps that translate your spoken words to written, like for the forbidden texting-while-driving scenario. I think I have one of those apps, actually, but I’ve never used it. There is something different about thoughts through fingers rather than thoughts through speaking. I guess if I had to I could get used to dictation.

This general concept, however – what if I couldn’t write anymore? If I were incapable, or censored, or for some other reason, whatever it might be… that thought is terrifying. A sure part of me would be lost. Something deep and necessary. For now, I’m determined to heal my hand.


2 thoughts on “Typing Challenged

  1. Long ago I tried writing using one of those speech-to-text programs (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I think). I’m constantly composing in my head, talking to myself, etc., so I thought it would be a natural transition. Turns out I edit on the fly, do the same line a dozen times over and over – something I never noticed before. Also, the software was miserably inaccurate.

    End result? I had to do so much editing by hand that I quickly decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and went back to typing. Now, speech-to-text technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the last decade, and my writing process has changed a bit to where I might not object to all those repeated lines so much. Nevertheless, still haven’t tried it again. I don’t even take verbal notes, though I’ve got a voice recorder on my smart phone.

    Anyway… hope your hand heals quickly, Taylor! Eat way too many vegetables so you’re overdosing on vitamins and minerals, that helps speed the healing process.

  2. Thanks! Veggie overdose, here I come! …hm, could be a useful exercise in seeing how I write. I think I too, however, rethink a line several times before committing it to the page, so dictation sounds like more effort than it’s worth.

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