A Trip to Seattle









Just returned from a wonderful vacation in Seattle. The “good” weather there made me appreciate living in LA, but aside from the grey it is a great city. Very nice people – a random man stopped my boyfriend on the street to tell us we were a beautiful couple, some of the best smoked salmon I’ve ever had (and let me tell you, I like my lox), and a raving glass arts scene, thanks to Chihuly. And of course, the Space Needle!

I went for my writing mentor’s wedding, which was beautiful. As wedding favors, he and his now-wife, who is a successful romance fiction novelist, gave the guests copies of their favorite books. Each volume included a bookmark designed by the couple.

Photo Credit: Christopher Carlin
One of the grossest attractions I’ve ever visited (we didn’t plan to see it; it was on the way to the aquarium). As the guy at the Tourist Info booth said, “Put your gum on the wall – but don’t take any off!”




My other favorite spots were the used book stores we visited (in the exasperated words of my boyfriend: “You came all the way to Seattle for more books?!”),

especially this great find –

Volume 25 of McSweeney’s, which is a hardcover edition of the literary journal, and includes stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Padgett Powell, Steven Millhauser, and eleven beautiful horse drawings by Amy Jean Porter.

I brought both a laptop and a tablet, neither of which I used. However, the much-needed vacation fueled the writing fire. In the days before, I worked in a frenzy as the ending of draft three finally started to come together. The “pantser” method worked. Upon return to Los Angeles, I was ecstatic to set my fingers to the keyboard, and away I went. I drafted the final chapter today. Now there are tweaks to be made and transitions to smooth, but guess what, Ladies and Gentlemen – the 3rd draft is nearing completion.


One thought on “A Trip to Seattle

  1. OK, I know I’m going out on a limb here, but… I rather suspect that I’m going to be seeing some of that 3rd draft. 😛

    Glad you had a good time in Seattle! I can’t recommend the wall-gum, but it sounds like a good trip otherwise.

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