Draft 3 COMPLETE!!!

Yes, I finished it, and by my August 1st deadline, too. Being on deadline was incredibly stressful and also, strangely, inspirational.

I was going along, editing chapter by chapter, and it looked like I was right on schedule. No problem, I’d finish the draft by August, easy. And then in the last week or so I started having all of these ideas. Hard to tell which were good ones, and which weren’t, and harder to decide which to try to implement, or not. I drove myself insane. I went to bed late and got up early, writing, rewriting, reading it over, and revising some more.

After many hours, last minute changes, and frantic calls to my sister about potential plot changes, I finally called it done. There are still changes I want to make, but I want to see what my readers will say about this draft. Over the last two days I have sent the draft to (or left a copy for) a set of trusted, valued readers.

The copy I left for one of my readers on her plant table.

Thank you to my incredible community – MUG, my mentor, my friends and family – all those who have supported me, and continue in their love and encouragement, in this journey!


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