New York, New York

The end of August found me in Manhattan. Not a place I would usually choose to go in the heat of summer (the weather was undesirable, to put it mildly), but I went with my family for my cousin’s black tie wedding at The Pierre. It was dazzling. It was nice to see family, though too brief.

Highlights of the trip: the food, especially ice cream from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, seeing a couple of very good friends, seeing the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Whitney, going to Yoga to the People with my sister, and yes, I visit book stores everywhere I go. At the used shop I noticed on my way to yoga, I picked up Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

I would not, maybe, call visiting the 9/11 Memorial a “highlight.” Yet, however depressing, it was incredibly moving. Serene. I cried before we even entered the park. I am interested to see what the space becomes, as the park is intended to be public. I hope to visit again when the construction is complete.

Love the way the clouds are reflected in this building.

And, briefly, the pros and cons of traveling with a tablet, as opposed to a laptop:

Pros: lightweight/portable. Don’t have to take it out of bag when going through security. Fits in purse. Many books on one device, so less lugging things around. Skypes just as well as a laptop.

Cons: makes me reluctant to type, even with a travel keyboard, so less writing. Can’t post successfully to blog (wait, is there an app for that?), lacks the feel, sound, scent of a book (and flipping back to previous passages is a nuisance).

On a trip like this, where I was packing and re-packing seemingly every other day, and being inundated with family and sights (hence very little time to write anyway – besides, I was supposed to be on vacation), the tablet was the right choice. I usually pick up books wherever I go anyway. If I were going to be chilling in Hawaii for a week, just for example, however, I’d probably opt for my laptop and a set of good old-fashioned paperbacks.


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