The Emerging Musician

May I present the hypnotic album, “FARYN,” created by my talented friend, Doron Diamond. He has done almost everything himself, including playing an incredible range of instruments, from guitars and piano to English horn, ukulele, and glockenspiel, not to mention vocals.

I find his music lulling, entrancing, and am only the more entranced knowing his work comes from a place of love and passion. His latest album is worth a listen – check out the tunes and purchase the tracks here. I am deeply honored to have been one of the people who supported him in having this happen, and thrilled to see my name in the acknowledgements section of the page!

Artwork credit: Gina Farkas

What does it mean to emerge? For artists (and this includes all kinds – painters, writers, musicians), there is an elusive turning point at the beginning of our careers at which moment we believe we will no longer be aspiring but will have “made it.” This moment, I fear – in fact, I am pretty sure – does not actually exist.

As a writer I might believe that publishing my first 800-word article in a beautiful, respected, glossy magazine might be it. (Happened – wasn’t it.) I might believe that selling my first short story might be that moment. (Happened. Wasn’t it.) Finishing a first draft of a novel. Nope. Second draft? Third? No and no. So then I might believe that publishing my first novel might be that moment – this hasn’t happened yet, but from what I hear, this won’t be that moment either. You finish one, and then you just ask what is next, and each book is no easier than the first. So when does one call oneself “successful”? At what point has an artist actually “emerged”?

Since there is no actual moment, no single event by which to claim before and after, we must be proud of each success, and have faith that the harder and longer we work, the more success we’ll have, and there will be some magical moment so many successes down the line where we will look back and suddenly realize that not only have we emerged, but our emergence is past, and it has all been worth it.


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