A Belated Thanksgiving Post

I am grateful for…how much my life is filled with love. The people around me. The opportunities I have been given, most especially, being able to write and be a writer. I am grateful that I am a writer – that I was born with this inherent creativity. I am grateful for everything that comes with it, even the suffering of being an artist, because it also comes with the ability to see the world the way I do, and share it with others.


Day of Thanks 2011

Above: my sister carving the turkey. She made a delicious –and gorgeous!– Thanksgiving dinner.
I am grateful for the life that I lead, for the people in it, who support me in following my dreams. I am surrounded by incredible people, and I would not be doing what I’m doing if not for them and their love. I give thanks for the relationships I have, with powerful, creative people, full of love and intimacy and helping each other grow.
A year ago I had completed 100 pages of the first draft of my novel. Now, I have completed 2 drafts. I have given myself a deadline – I start the third draft tomorrow, December 1st.

Turkey Day Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be grateful for. I am so lucky to be spending the holiday at home in Santa Barbara with my family and my boyfriend, and to have my dreams present and real before me. I have written over 100 pages of the rough draft of my novel, and my writers’ group is thriving. After a critique in my intermediate short story class at the UCLA Writers’ Program last week that did not go as I’d thought it would, I felt shot down and uncreative. I didn’t even want to write. My group was an incredible source of support. In addition to working on the novel draft, I also completed a short story to submit to my class. And with holiday coupons, I’ve added a couple of books to my collection and gotten a jumpstart on holiday shopping for my cousins. I am surrounded by people I love, and I’m doing what I love. I couldn’t be more thankful.