Santa Barbara Writers Conference

In just under two months, I will be… attending the Santa Barbara Writers Conference! Six days of workshops, panels, lectures, and socializing with others in the writing world. So excited. Guest speakers include Sue Grafton, of the alphabet mystery series, and Stephen Chbosky, who wrote The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and also wrote and directed the film adaptation.

SBWC logo, from their website,

SBWC logo, from their website,

After completing Draft 4 of my novel, I told my mentor it felt very close to “done” (at least, I felt, I had written what I really wanted to write) and I thought after one more pass I’d be ready it send it out. He reminded me that while he gives me suggestions, the final choice is always mine as the writer. And if I really wanted to start putting it out there, one potential way to do so was to attend conferences. Meet people, get feedback. Meet more people.

Of course, upon deciding my manuscript was “ready” I immediately had severe doubts. No, I must revise it at least ten more times! Draft 5 is “done” and of course, now I am finally seeing the potential “triumphant” end. I see how I might be able to make it work, after so much tribulation. I think I should write it. I want to, I think. Of course right now I am revising my query letter again, and feeling like it needs more work than I know how to give. So, research!