I have been having a hard time with draft 3. It’s the ending. I tried one ending in draft 1, which didn’t work, and another ending in draft 2, which didn’t work. It’s time for another ending in draft 3, and – I’m afraid it won’t work.

My mentor suggested I read a slew of books in my potential genres to see how other authors resolve their stories, so I went to the library. I browsed the teen fiction section for novels about power struggles,

bullying, growing up. I collected a stack of books, used the new, high-tech self check out, and started reading.

So far, no clear answers for how to resolve the conflict I’ve set up. I guess I did not really expect any, though it would have been nice. I’ve had a few ethereal ideas.

Some people write by plotting, planning the details. Some write by the seat of their pants and see where the writing takes them. My mentor suggested that I’m more of a “pantser” than I think. Maybe it’s time to just go at it.